About us

What moves us at Biopure.eu...

The state the world is in nowadays presents us with a number of particular challenges.
High-frequency radiation has never before been so dense and the levels of toxic pollution in the global food industry and in the air have never been as high as they are today.

Quote from Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD:
“Under today's environmental conditions, there is no serious medical treatment that fully takes the current environmental factors into consideration to provide a diagnosis, treatment and prevention. At the same time, the most beneficial substances come from the environment and nature themselves.”

Here at the Biopure.eu company, we have rose to this challenge.

We are extremely fortunate to be intensively involved in consultation with this multi-award-winning holistic physician, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD. 

We benefit from his 35 years of experience as a practicing physician as well as from his scientific way of thinking and tirelessly researching with patients for individual solutions.

In the world of complementary medicine, Dr. Klinghardt MD is known and respected for his often unconventional combinations of detoxification and substitution, physics and biochemical physics, psychokinesiology and mental field hygiene. In recent years, he has mainly dealt with the dramatically growing field of neurological diseases and, in particular, children with autism. 

The research into the causes of these diseases brings him closer than ever to environmental medicine.

The daily experiences and insights garnered from his private clinic in Seattle as well as the practices of many of his colleagues are our mission and form the basis of Biopure.eu:

We want to make the herbs, formulations and devices that are currently being used successfully available to all our colleagues who work with his methods, as well as all clients treated with his methods.


What is important for us here at Biopure.eu...

Safety in Relation to Product Quality
The quality inspection at BioPure.eu starts with the supplier and includes the way the product is transported and continues right up to packing and repacking as well as storage.

For most of our liquid products we use, for example, a purple special glass from Switzerland.
Our warehouse is shielded from high-frequency radiation and the storage quantities are selected so that fresh goods are continually being delivered.

Fair Pricing with the Highest Quality
When the quality of a product increases, the purchase price goes up as well. So that we are able to offer reasonable end prices, we work with an uncomplicated yet efficient company structure.

Our decisions are based on organic, stable quality growth in harmony with all the groups involved: humans, animals, plants and earth.

We aren’t out to achieve the highest possible trading margin, but we select our suppliers and products primarily after they have been carefully tested in practice on the patients of Dr. Klinghardt MD and his colleagues and personal recommendation. Often our partner companies are small companies and family businesses that are managed with an individual and ethical focus.

In this way, we consciously forgo quick profits if it were to exploit our planet’s resources.

If a product sells out because of a sudden high demand, we don’t quickly resort to other manufacturers who do not meet our quality standards just to serve the market. We simply wait until nature has grown the plants and they are ready for a new harvest.

If we discover that a product no longer meets our requirements, we immediately remove it from the range and look for alternative sources, which can then be retested by Dr. Klinghardt and his colleagues.

Our order service developed with you in mind:

  • BioPure.eu answers questions regarding orders directly by email and telephone.
  • We forward questions regarding the application, dosage and effects of the products to the practice centre in the south of Germany, where we have been engaging a therapist and naturopath who has years of experience working with Klinghardt and will help you with any questions.
  • We also recommend that you visit Dr. Klinghardt’s institute of neurobiology (INK: www.ink.ag) to ask for trained Klinghardt therapists.

Come join us as we head in a new direction in a new era.
So that we are well looked after tomorrow.
Having respect for the earth and ensuring the world is a better place for our children.

Your Biopure Team

Management: DI Stephan Nowoczek & Silvia Souy MD