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Dosierset.jpg CDS Dosing Set
Contents: 2 x amber glass bottle 50ml DIN18 1 x pump spray cap DIN18 1 x glass pipette for drop dosing DIN18 1 x dosing pipette 6ml (PE) 2 x dosing cups 6ml (PE) with lid Notice: For reasons of environmental protection, this practical...
€10.50 *
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CDSPlus250.jpg CDSplus
Contents: 100ml liquid components + 1 tablet / 250ml liquid components + 3 tablets For the initial equipment we offer a practical dosing set with exact dosing pipette, dosing cup and practical pump spray for surface cleaning. Healthy and...
Content 100 ml (€260.00 * / 1000 ml)
From €26.00 *
CDSpure_250ml_1.jpg CDSpure
Ingredients: double demineralised water, Chlorine dioxide (2,99 g/l equals approx. 0,299 %/l equals approx. 2990 ppm) CDSpure® - the latest Generation of Chlorine Dioxide Solutions Immediately ready for use without activation! CDS pure...
Content 100 ml (€260.00 * / 1000 ml)
From €26.00 *
preventa25_6pack.jpg Deuterium-depleted water 25ppm PREVENTA
Contents per bottle: 1,5l Deuterium-depleted drinking water with 25ppm Deuterium content (high-quality natural spring water added, non-carbonated) What is Deuterium? Deuterium, also known as „heavy hydrogen“ , is a naturally occuring,...
Content 1.5 Liter (€24.67 * / 1 Liter)
From €37.00 *
Contents: 100 ml dimethyl sulfoxide 99,9% purity Ph.Eur Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) is a colorless and odorless organic general-purpose solvent for the laboratory and in technology. A high purity of 99.9%...
Content 100 ml (€210.00 * / 1000 ml)
€21.00 *
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H2_Generator_rot.jpg H2 Hydrogen Generator
With this H2 Hydrogen Generator, you can turn your favourite water into hydrogen-enriched feel-good power water in the blink of an eye, at any time and any place. Battery operation, low weight and compact design make it possible. The...
€198.00 *
HozzelWasser.jpg HOZZEL Water
Contents: 100ml Disinfection spray with energised, stabilised, pure HOCl (= HClO). What is Hozzel Water? HOCl is called hypochlorous acid. This acid is also naturally produced in the mammalian body by white blood cells. The white blood...
Content 100 ml (€180.00 * / 1000 ml)
€18.00 * €25.00 *
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WasserstoffPeroxid.JPG hydrogen peroxide (3%)
*** Article description not yet translated *** Dient zur Dessinfektion des Wasserfiltergerätes spring time 420 pro
€4.00 *
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Methylenblau.jpg Methylenblau
*** Article description not yet translated *** Pharma Qualität! Das basische Methylenblau zählt zu den Vitalfarbstoffen und färbt proteinhaltige Strukturen wie Zellkerne und Mikroorganismen blau an. Es eignet es sich als...
€20.90 *
CDSClassic.jpg No1 Classic (MMS)
Contents: 2 x 100ml Set with 100 ml 25 % Sodium chlorite solution and 100 ml 4 % HCl activator (hydrochloric acid) For the initial equipment we offer a practical dosing set with exact dosing pipette, dosing cup and practical pump spray...
Content 200 ml (€135.00 * / 1000 ml)
€27.00 *
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vorfilter_springtime420pro.jpg Prefilter Springtime 420 pro
*** Article description not yet translated *** Nur für das Springtime 420 pro Gerät!
€64.00 *
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sedimentvorfilter_springtime_premium.jpg Sedimentfilter zu Springtime PREMIUM pro
Contents: 1 Filter incl. instructions Only suitable for spring-time PREMIUM pro device! Important notice: For the latest generation of spring-time premium pro with newly developed outlet tap (sterile filter and H2 on/off switch), the...
€65.00 *
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springTime420Pro.jpg Spring-time 420 PRO Wasserfilter
*** Article description not yet translated *** Wasserreinigung durch Umkehrosmose und Energetisierung nach Dr. Ludwig das spring-time 420 pro ... Ist ein Wasseraufbereitungsgerät, das nach dem Prinzip der Umkehrosmose arbeitet....
€2,570.00 *
springtime_premiumpro_NEU.jpg Spring-time PREMIUM pro Wasserfilter
spring-time® premium pro NEW! Water purification by reverse osmosis, energising according to Dr. Ludwig and H2-hydrogen-enrichment in one device Mobile - also suitable for camping and travelling NEW and improved now: Newly developed...
€3,149.00 *
sterilfilter_springtime.jpg Sterilfilter zu Springtime PREMIUM pro
*** Article description not yet translated *** Inhalt: 1 Sterilfilter inkl. Anleitung Nur für das spring-time PREMIUM pro Gerät mit neuem Auslaufhahn. Der Wechsel des Sterilfilters wird alle 6 Monate empfohlen. Wichtiger Hinweis: Bitte...
€42.00 *
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