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Gold_PLUS.jpg Gold PLUS
Contents: 50 ml Ingredients: purified distilled water, colloidal minerals – Au (Gold), Ag (Silver), Cu (Copper) 1 ml of Gold PLUS contains: Gold 0,33 mg (330 ppm) Silver 0,33 mg (330 ppm) Copper 0,33 mg (330 ppm) Particle size: ranges...
Content 50 ml
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Magnesium_100ml.jpg Magnesium - hyper colloidal
Contents: 100ml Ingredients: distilled water, Zechsteiner's colloidal Magnesiumchloride General Use: For spraying on the skin: whole-body, half-body or over a large area on parts of the body with complaint, or as recommended by your...
Content 100 ml
€38.00 *
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SiO2_100ml.jpg Silicon dioxide (SiO2) - colloidal
Contents: 200ml Ingredients: distilled water, colloidal silicon dioxide Recommended Use: Inner application: Add 4 pump shots to a glass of water as a daily dose, or as recommended by your health care practicioner. Drink the glass in sips...
Content 100 ml
€42.00 *
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