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Propoliskapseln.jpg Propolis Capsules (100% Propolis )
Contents: 5 pieces This refill capsules fit all our propolis vaporisers: 100% ORGANIC bee-propolis 1 capsule lasts for approx. 120 hours / at 8 hours usage per day, one capsule is enough for about 14 days. Important note for allergy...
Content 5 Piece
€21.50 *
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PropliszerstBreath.jpg Propolis Vaporizer Breathe
Contents: 1 vaporizer incl. 1 propolis-capsule (Each piece is unique. Since it is a natural product made of wood, irregularities may occur in the wooden body). What makes breathing air with propolis so valuable? Made of solid ash wood,...
€199.00 *
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PropoliszerstNaturP3.jpg Propolis Vaporizer P3
Contents: 1 vaporizer incl. 1 propolis-capsule Enjoy valuable breathing air with propolis With the P3 propolis vaporizer, you can produce gentle propolis vapours in any desired room of your home, just as they naturally occur in the...
€295.00 *
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propolair_inhalator_1.jpg Propolis vaporizer with inhalation function
Scope of delivery: Propolair A4 propolis vaporiser with inhalation tube and 2 masks (1x for children, 1x for adults), incl. 1 propolis-capsule Room disinfection Ioniser can be switched off Ventilator can be switched off Inhalation mode...
€239.00 *
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