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CoreUS.jpg Core
Contents: 240 capsules (vegetarian) Ingredients: Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal-5-phosphate, pyridoxin HCl), Biotin, Calcium, Zinc-monomethionine, Zincbisglycinate-chelate, Zincgluconate, Zinkpicolinate, Manganese-bisglycinate-chelate,...
Content 240 Piece
€56.00 *
HozzelWasser.jpg HOZZEL Water
Contents: 100ml Disinfection spray with energised, stabilised, pure HOCl (= HClO). What is Hozzel Water? HOCl is called hypochlorous acid. This acid is also naturally produced in the mammalian body by white blood cells. The white blood...
Content 100 ml (€180.00 * / 1000 ml)
€18.00 * €25.00 *
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